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Safety, Quality, Productivity

The safety of our employees has always been of paramount importance at Queston Construction. We train our employees to be safe, and we partner with them in applying safe practices. A fall of any kind can have grave consequences and roofers are at greater risk than most. In our pursuit of a safe work environment we noticed that we could purchase a harness and lanyard that are utilized in fall protection just about any place. What we were never able to find with much ease was a device that we could anchor to the roof and then tie off to.

They say necessity is the mother of invention and this is quite true as it relates to the development of our Tie Off Device (TOD). We at Queston began our development of the TOD more than 10 years ago when we found ourselves working in the Federal Government arena and in dire need of something to tie off to for fall protection. The TOD is a steel stanchion and plate assembly that has remarkable strength and can be installed easily and left behind so that other trades people who access the roof will always have something safe to tie off to.

Our current version of the TOD has been tested through two business assistance programs. Engineers with both the Sandia Labs Small Business Development Program and the Space Alliance Technology Outreach Program have reviewed our design, and the TOD exceeds OSHA requirements for a multi person tie off.

The TOD was invented, tested and is made in New Mexico. Queston currently has a provisional patent in place with the US Patent Office and is awaiting the permanent patent at this time. For more information about the TOD please feel free to contact us.

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Safety, Quality, Productivity